Saturday, September 11, 2010

Late Summer/Early Fall Vines

People have been asking about the malabar spinach that's growing on the head board out back.   It is edible, although we grew it cause it's pretty.  It was a little slow to start, but once the heat came on, it really took off.  Beautiful deep green leaves, shiny red stems, and now  little pink/white blooms.  Put this one on  your plant-one-of-these-next-year list.  

And here's cypress vine, one of our favorites, with the little red trumpet blooms that the hummingbirds (and the bluebirds) love.  Lots of other vining going on in the garden too--snail vine, morning glories, sweet autumn . . .

We found malabar spinach thanks to Peggy's recommendation.     What's your favorite vine?   Let us know, cause we'll want to put it on our plant-one-of-these-next-year list  too!

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peggy said...

I didn't have the malabar this year but I will next year, it is a plant we overlooked too long. I love its glossiness.