Monday, April 11, 2011

Garden Clean-Up

Do you ever get overwhelmed with all the big gardening chores in the early spring?  It can be daunting to look out over your garden  when there's still so much clean-up from last fall.  Maybe it looks something like this:

 Sue calls the first garden-cleanup of the year "getting rid of the big uglies"--you know, things like dead wood on the shrubs and the huge clumps of leftover grasses.   When you tackle that layer, it's like taking a big blanket off the garden and uncovering the new life underneath.
So just get rid of the "big uglies" first and then get around to the rest as you can. 

One of Gail's favorite gardening tips is to make sure to feature whatever is in bloom at the moment.  If it's blooming, it gets moved to the top of the priority list for weeding and mulching.

The rest of the weeds--well, we'll get around to them.  Weed by weed :)

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