Thursday, July 7, 2016

Farm Mail

Wow!  It's been a hot one so far, but recent rains are going to do wonders in the garden.  Flower harvest has been amazing due to the great spring we had.  So, if you like beautiful drieds, we've got you covered!
Things are growing inside too:  we're creating an area where you can see the gorgeous colors of our new Farmhouse Paint on a variety of pieces.  Maybe catch a vision of what you can do with that old dresser or coffee table.  :) 

Clothing lines are expanding too to keep up with your love of cute duds!  And we just keep on making wreaths and arrangements, cos that's what we like to do best.

So grab a girlfriend and come on out -
Sunny Side Up,
Gail, Cheryl, Jean, Kate & Kynda


Unknown said...

Those look interesting. Keep posting.

Unknown said...

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