Monday, August 2, 2010

Flower Arrangers

One of our best-sellers here at The Farm--the flower arranger by local potter Rich Zimmerman--makes arranging  flowers easy.   The secret  is the frog pin in the bottom--similar to the antique frogs that our grandmothers used.  Just add a few garden blooms and you've got a beautiful little arrangement to brighten up your kitchen counter, the bedside table, bathroom sink,  maybe  your desk at the office. . .

If you're cutting flowers from your garden, be sure to cut them early in the morning, when they are the most hydrated of the day,  to minimize wilting.  And don't be afraid to use different foliages along with your flowers--the pictured designs here feature lamb's ear, sedum, and sweet autumn clematis vine.

Watch for more tips  on making your own designs in the flower arrangers all week here on the blog.

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