Monday, August 9, 2010

How to Design with Frog Pins -- One Last Look

 A couple more ideas for designing with your flower arrangers that have the frog pins:

--Go Low.  Using a bigger flower at the base of the arrangement is an easy way to create a focal point.   The rest of the arrangement rises up from that point.

--or Spice it up.  Tuck in some herbs for their fresh color and fragrance.  Here the celosia is joined by some basil and rosemary.  And if you've got an umbrella palm that's you've been watering all season, throw one of those stems in too!

We hope you're enjoying your flower arranger this summer.    Send us pictures--we'd love to see your designs too!  If you don't  have an arranger  yet, come on in sometime.  We get new supplies from Rich on a regular basis.  And don't forget to pick up an extra one--they make great gifts too!

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