Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Farm on TV!

Have ya seen Channel 20's Sunrise On The Farm series?  It's a regular Friday feature, spotlighting a local ag-related business.  And this week, they came out to visit us at The Farm

We have to admit, we're not usually glued to the television at 5:45 am on Friday mornings, but we will be tomorrow! 

Pretty exciting when  TV people show up with their cameras and want to know more about The Farm.  Thanks, Channel 20!  Come back anytime :)


petermanbrookherbfarm said...

That's awesome. I am from Wisconsin, have been to visit, and think you have a really great place there! More people need to see it!

Kynda said...

Thanks so much for your kind words!
We are a little bleary eyed from getting up early to watch it this morning, but it's very exciting :) So glad you dropped by.

Sue said...

I saw it! Quite by accident - I was working out at the gym when it came on. I recognized Gail and had to read the closed caption to figure out what was going on. So great to see you getting some publicity for The Farm. I love to visit. Maybe I can get my hubby to bring me out today for one last shopping trip before you close for the season.