Sunday, June 12, 2011

Garden Tour Season

Look what we spotted on the Rochester Women's garden tour  today--a flower-filled Rich Zimmer arranger from The Farm!  You know how much we love those flower arrangers  so it was really fun to see this one.  This garden was featured on the tour and Sue made us feel so welcome.  She even shared a seedhead from these gorgeous fluffy pink poppies.
  And she had another sweet surprise for us too.  Even though her peonies had finished blooming, she had cut these and stored them in her fridge so she'd have them for today's walk.  Want to know how she did that?  We did too!
To hold peonies for this special occasion, Sue cut them in tight bud,  rolled the entire stem & bud in damp newspaper and stored in the fridge.   Next year, we are so doing this too!  Here are a couple more scenes from this beautiful garden:
purple smoke bush
tiger eye sumac & ornamental peach
Thanks so much to Sue for opening her garden today!  Garden walks are a great way to get new information and inspiration.  Be sure to check out Secret Gardens of Menard County, featuring eight Menard County gardens this coming Saturday, June 18th.  And stop by the Farm--we're featured on the tour too!

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