Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Quilts in the Garden

 You might remember that the Farm gals are quilters (except for the blogger and we won't talk about when she last picked up a needle!).   These pictures from a recent Michigan garden walk & quilt show may inspire us to have a "quilts in the garden" day at The Farm too :)
No, we don't have a buggy, but we do have a tractor.  Maybe Eric would let us use it for a quilt rack?

As you can see by the plastic, some quilters took extra care to protect their pieces from contact with any garden soil or rough edges of furniture.   It probably is true that quilts in the garden undergo some risk.   But what a beautiful way to enjoy them for a day.

And this one was hanging in an all-white garden in dappled shade.  Perfect.

So what do you think?   Maybe we all should get our beloved quilts out of the dark closets where they are folded and bring them out into the light--or shade-- of the garden for an afternoon.  And if you do, please take a picture and send it to us--we'd love to see yours too!


Ginny said...

Great way for everyone to enjoy the quilts

peggy said...

Your pictures are great, I didn't get very many quilt pictures. I used up all my memory on that place with the little house. You also got a shot of that mosaic fire pit cover that almost looks like a quilt.

Gail said...

Oh yes! I think Eric's old tractor Betsy would make a great quilt rack!